Smart Agriculture Market Size, Share, CAGR and Forecast 2020 to 2030

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content. Aug 20, 2020 (Profound via COMTEX) -- The Global Smart Agriculture Market was worth US$ 11 billion in 2019 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 7.5% through 2030. The Smart Agriculture market report provides analysis for the period 2018-2030, where in the period from 2020 to 2030 is the forecast period and 2019 is the base year. The report covers all the major trends and key drivers playing a major role in Smart Agriculture market growth over the forecast period. It also highlights the drivers, restraints, and opportunities expected to influence market’s growth during the forecast period. The study provides a holistic perspective on the Smart Agriculture market’s growth throughout the above mentioned forecast period in terms of revenue (in US$ Bn), across different geographies, including Asia Pacific, South America, North America, Europe, and Middle East amp; Africa (MEA). The market overview section of the report demonstrates the market dynamics and trends that influence the current nature and future status of this market. An attractiveness analysis has also been provided for every geographic region in the report, in order to give a thorough analysis of the overall competitive scenario of the Smart Agriculture market. Moreover, the report provides an overview of the various strategies adopted by key players of Smart Agriculture present in the market. Product definition and introduction chapter helps in understanding different Connectivity of Smart Agriculture used across all the regions. Get the Sample Pages of Report@ Segmentation The report provides in-depth cross-segment analysis of the Smart Agriculture market and classifies it into various levels, thereby providing valuable insights at the macro as well as micro levels. Moreover, report also provides in depth study of size of Smart Agriculture market. Precedence Research not only conducts forecasts in terms of value, but also evaluates the market on the basis of essential parameters, such as Year-on-Year (Y-o-Y) growth. This helps providers to recognize the future opportunities as well predictability of the market. In order to understand and assess opportunities in this market, the report is categorically divided into five key sections on the basis of segments. The report analyzes the global Smart Agriculture market in terms of value (US$ lsquo;000) and volume (Mn Units). The global smart agriculture market is segmented on the basis of component, agriculture type, farm size, and geography. Based on component, the global smart agriculture market is segmented into hardware, software, and services. The hardware segment is further sub-segmented into automation amp; control systems, sensors (nutrient sensor, moisture sensor, temperature sensor, and others), monitors, HVAC system, LED grow light, RFID tags amp; readers, and others. The services segment is further sub-segmented into system integration amp; consulting, maintenance amp; support, managed services, and others. Based on farm size, the global smart agriculture market is segmented into small, medium, and large. Based on agriculture type, the global smart agriculture market is segmented into precision farming, livestock monitoring, precision aquaculture, smart greenhouse, precision forestry, and others. The precision farming segment is sub-segmented into yield monitoring, field mapping, crop scouting, weather tracking amp; forecasting, irrigation management, inventory management, farm labor management, and others. The livestock monitoring is sub-segmented into milk harvesting, breeding management, feeding management, animal comfort management, and others. The smart greenhouse segment is sub-segmented into water amp; fertilizer management, HVAC management, yield monitoring, and others. Based on geography, the global smart agriculture market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East amp; Africa, and South America. Get Full Access of This Report@ Competitive Landscape The report has engulfed a chapter on the global Smart Agriculture market’s competitive landscape, which provides detailed analysis and insights on companies offering Smart Agriculture. Profiles of key companies, along with a strategic overview of their Mamp;A and expansion plans across geographies, have been delivered in this chapter. This chapter is priceless for report readers, as its enables them in gauging their growth potential in the market and implement key strategies for extending their market reach. This chapter offers key recommendations for both new and existing market participants, enabling them to emerge sustainably and profitably. Intelligence on the market players has been delivered on the basis of their product overview, SWOT analysis, key developments, key financials and company overview. Occupancy of these market participants has been tracked by the report and portrayed via an intensity map. Major players active in the global smart agriculture market include Ag Leader Technology, AGCO Corporation, AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc., AgJunction Inc., Argus Control Systems Limited, BouMatic, CLAAS KGaA mbH, CNH Industrial, CROPMETRICS, CropZilla, Deere amp; Company, DeLaval Inc., DICKEY-john, DroneDeploy, Farmers Edge Inc., GAMAYA, GEA Group AG, Grownetics, Inc., Raven Industries, Inc., The Climate Corporation, TOPCON CORPORATION, and Trimble, Inc. Table of Content 1. Introduction1.1. Research Objectives1.2. Report Assumptions1.3. Research Methodology1.4. Abbreviations2. Preface2.1. Market Definition2.2. Report Scope and Market Segmentation2.3. Research Highlights3. Market Synopsis: Global Smart Agriculture Market4. Global Smart Agriculture Market Qualitative Analysis4.1. Ecosystem Analysis4.1.1. Role of participants4.1.2. Integration scenario4.2. Trends4.2.1. Market trends4.2.2. Technology Trends4.3. PESTEL Analysis (For 5 prominent countries)4.4. Market Influencers4.4.1. Driving Forces4.4.2. Hindering Forces4.4.3. Opportunities4.5. Technology evolution5. Global Smart Agriculture Market Analysis and Forecast, by Component5.1. Overview and definitions5.2. Key segment analysis5.3. Global Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Component, 2018 ndash; 20305.3.1. Hardware5.3.1.1. Automation amp; control systems5.3.1.2. Sensors5.3.1.3. Monitors5.3.1.4. HVAC system5.3.1.5. LED grow light5.3.1.6. RFID tags amp; readers5.3.1.7. Others5.3.2. Software5.3.3. Services5.3.3.1. System integration amp; consulting5.3.3.2. Maintenance amp; support5.3.3.3. Managed services5.3.3.4. Others6. Global Smart Agriculture Market Analysis and Forecast, by Agriculture Type6.1. Overview and definitions6.2. Key segment analysis6.3. Global Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Agriculture type, 2018 ndash; 20306.3.1. Precision farming6.3.1.1. Yield monitoring6.3.1.2. Field mapping6.3.1.3. Crop scouting6.3.1.4. Weather tracking amp; forecasting6.3.1.5. Irrigation management6.3.1.6. Inventory management6.3.1.7. Farm labor management6.3.1.8. Others6.3.2. Livestock monitoring6.3.2.1. Milk harvesting6.3.2.2. Breeding management6.3.2.3. Feeding management6.3.2.4. Animal comfort management6.3.2.5. Others6.3.3. Precision aquaculture6.3.4. Smart greenhouse6.3.4.1. Water amp; fertilizer management6.3.4.2. HVAC management6.3.4.3. Yield monitoring6.3.4.4. Others6.3.5. Precision forestry6.3.6. Others7. Global Smart Agriculture Market Analysis and Forecast, by Region7.1. Overview and definitions7.2. Key segment analysis7.3. Global Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Region, 2018 ndash; 20307.3.1. North America7.3.2. Europe7.3.3. Asia Pacific7.3.4. Middle East amp; Africa7.3.5. South America8. North America Smart Agriculture Market Analysis and Forecast8.1. Overview and definitions8.2. Key segment analysis8.3. North America Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Component, 2018 ndash; 20308.3.1. Hardware8.3.1.1. Automation amp; control systems8.3.1.2. Sensors8.3.1.3. Monitors8.3.1.4. HVAC system8.3.1.5. LED grow light8.3.1.6. RFID tags amp; readers8.3.1.7. Others8.3.2. Software8.3.3. Services8.3.3.1. System integration amp; consulting8.3.3.2. Maintenance amp; support8.3.3.3. Managed services8.3.3.4. Others8.4. North America Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Agriculture type, 2018 ndash; 20308.4.1. Precision farming8.4.1.1. Yield monitoring8.4.1.2. Field mapping8.4.1.3. Crop scouting8.4.1.4. Weather tracking amp; forecasting8.4.1.5. Irrigation management8.4.1.6. Inventory management8.4.1.7. Farm labor management8.4.1.8. Others8.4.2. Livestock monitoring8.4.2.1. Milk harvesting8.4.2.2. Breeding management8.4.2.3. Feeding management8.4.2.4. Animal comfort management8.4.2.5. Others8.4.3. Precision aquaculture8.4.4. Smart greenhouse8.4.4.1. Water amp; fertilizer management8.4.4.2. HVAC management8.4.4.3. Yield monitoring8.4.4.4. Others8.4.5. Precision forestry8.4.5.1. Others8.5. North America Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), Country, 2018 ndash; 20308.5.1. The U.S.8.5.2. Canada8.5.3. Rest of North America9. Europe Smart Agriculture Market Analysis and Forecast9.1. Overview and definitions9.2. Key segment analysis9.3. Europe Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Component, 2018 ndash; 20309.3.1. Hardware9.3.1.1. Automation amp; control systems9.3.1.2. Sensors9.3.1.3. Monitors9.3.1.4. HVAC system9.3.1.5. LED grow light9.3.1.6. RFID tags amp; readers9.3.1.7. Others9.3.2. Software9.3.3. Services9.3.3.1. System integration amp; consulting9.3.3.2. Maintenance amp; support9.3.3.3. Managed services9.3.3.4. Others9.4. Europe Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Agriculture type, 2018 ndash; 20309.4.1. Precision farming9.4.1.1. Yield monitoring9.4.1.2. Field mapping9.4.1.3. Crop scouting9.4.1.4. Weather tracking amp; forecasting9.4.1.5. Irrigation management9.4.1.6. Inventory management9.4.1.7. Farm labor management9.4.1.8. Others9.4.2. Livestock monitoring9.4.2.1. Milk harvesting9.4.2.2. Breeding management9.4.2.3. Feeding management9.4.2.4. Animal comfort management9.4.2.5. Others9.4.3. Precision aquaculture9.4.4. Smart greenhouse9.4.4.1. Water amp; fertilizer management9.4.4.2. HVAC management9.4.4.3. Yield monitoring9.4.4.4. Others9.4.5. Precision forestry9.4.6. Others9.5. Europe Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), Country, 2018 ndash; 20309.5.1. Germany9.5.2. United Kingdom9.5.3. Belgium9.5.4. Spain9.5.5. Rest of Europe10. Asia Pacific Smart Agriculture Market Analysis and Forecast10.1. Overview and definitions10.2. Key segment analysis10.3. Asia Pacific Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Component, 2018 ndash; 203010.3.1. Hardware10.3.1.1. Automation amp; control systems10.3.1.2. Sensors10.3.1.3. Monitors10.3.1.4. HVAC system10.3.1.5. LED grow light10.3.1.6. RFID tags amp; readers10.3.1.7. Others10.3.2. Software10.3.3. Services10.3.3.1. System integration amp; consulting10.3.3.2. Maintenance amp; support10.3.3.3. Managed services10.3.3.4. Others10.4. Asia Pacific Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Agriculture type, 2018 ndash; 203010.4.1. Precision farming10.4.1.1. Yield monitoring10.4.1.2. Field mapping10.4.1.3. Crop scouting10.4.1.4. Weather tracking amp; forecasting10.4.1.5. Irrigation management10.4.1.6. Inventory management10.4.1.7. Farm labor management10.4.1.8. Others10.4.2. Livestock monitoring10.4.2.1. Milk harvesting10.4.2.2. Breeding management10.4.2.3. Feeding management10.4.2.4. Animal comfort management10.4.2.5. Others10.4.3. Precision aquaculture10.4.4. Smart greenhouse10.4.4.1. Water amp; fertilizer management10.4.4.2. HVAC management10.4.4.3. Yield monitoring10.4.4.4. Others10.4.5. Precision forestry10.4.6. Others10.5. Asia Pacific Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), Country, 2018 ndash; 203010.5.1. Japan10.5.2. India10.5.3. China10.5.4. Australia10.5.5. Rest of Asia Pacific11. Middle East amp; Africa Smart Agriculture Market Analysis and Forecast11.1. Overview and definitions11.2. Key segment analysis11.3. Middle East amp; Africa Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Component, 2018 ndash; 203011.3.1. Hardware11.3.1.1. Automation amp; control systems11.3.1.2. Sensors11.3.1.3. Monitors11.3.1.4. HVAC system11.3.1.5. LED grow light11.3.1.6. RFID tags amp; readers11.3.1.7. Others11.3.2. Software11.3.3. Services11.3.3.1. System integration amp; consulting11.3.3.2. Maintenance amp; support11.3.3.3. Managed services11.3.3.4. Others11.4. Middle East amp; Africa Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Agriculture type, 2018 ndash; 203011.4.1. Precision farming11.4.1.1. Yield monitoring11.4.1.2. Field mapping11.4.1.3. Crop scouting11.4.1.4. Weather tracking amp; forecasting11.4.1.5. Irrigation management11.4.1.6. Inventory management11.4.1.7. Farm labor management11.4.1.8. Others11.4.2. Livestock monitoring11.4.2.1. Milk harvesting11.4.2.2. Breeding management11.4.2.3. Feeding management11.4.2.4. Animal comfort management11.4.2.5. Others11.4.3. Precision aquaculture11.4.4. Smart greenhouse11.4.4.1. Water amp; fertilizer management11.4.4.2. HVAC management11.4.4.3. Yield monitoring11.4.4.4. Others11.4.5. Precision forestry11.4.6. Others11.5. Middle East amp; Africa Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), Country, 2018 ndash; 203011.5.1. Saudi Arabia11.5.2. UAE11.5.3. Rest of Middle East12. South America Smart Agriculture Market Analysis and Forecast12.1. Overview and definitions12.2. Key segment analysis12.3. South America Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Component, 2018 ndash; 203012.3.1. Hardware12.3.1.1. Automation amp; control systems12.3.1.2. Sensors12.3.1.3. Monitors12.3.1.4. HVAC system12.3.1.5. LED grow light12.3.1.6. RFID tags amp; readers12.3.1.7. Others12.3.2. Software12.3.3. Services12.3.3.1. System integration amp; consulting12.3.3.2. Maintenance amp; support12.3.3.3. Managed services12.3.3.4. Others12.4. South America Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), by Agriculture type, 2018 ndash; 203012.4.1. Precision farming12.4.1.1. Yield monitoring12.4.1.2. Field mapping12.4.1.3. Crop scouting12.4.1.4. Weather tracking amp; forecasting12.4.1.5. Irrigation management12.4.1.6. Inventory management12.4.1.7. Farm labor management12.4.1.8. Others12.4.2. Livestock monitoring12.4.2.1. Milk harvesting12.4.2.2. Breeding management12.4.2.3. Feeding management12.4.2.4. Animal comfort management12.4.2.5. Others12.4.3. Precision aquaculture12.4.4. Smart greenhouse12.4.4.1. Water amp; fertilizer management12.4.4.2. HVAC management12.4.4.3. Yield monitoring12.4.4.4. Others12.4.5. Precision forestry12.4.6. Others12.5. South America Smart Agriculture Market Estimates (US$ Mn), Country, 2018 ndash; 203012.5.1. Brazil12.5.2. Rest of South America13. Competition Analysis ndash; Smart Agriculture Market13.1. Market Composition13.2. Market Share Analysis (%), by Supplier (2019)13.3. Company Profiles13.3.1. Ag Leader Technology13.3.1.1. Business overview13.3.1.2. Management13.3.1.3. Geographic presence13.3.1.4. Product portfolio13.3.1.5. Financial facts13.3.1.6. Channel partners13.3.1.7. Relevant news and strategic view13.3.2. AGCO Corporation13.3.3. AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc.13.3.4. AgJunction Inc.13.3.5. Argus Control Systems Limited13.3.6. BouMatic13.3.7. CLAAS KGaA mbH13.3.8. CNH Industrial13.3.9. CROPMETRICS13.3.10. CropZilla13.3.11. Deere amp; Company13.3.12. DeLaval Inc.13.3.13. DICKEY-john13.3.14. DroneDeploy13.3.15. Farmers Edge Inc.13.3.16. GAMAYA13.3.17. GEA Group AG13.3.18. Grownetics, Inc.13.3.19. Raven Industries, Inc.13.3.20. The Climate Corporation13.3.21. TOPCON CORPORATION13.3.22. Trimble, Inc.14. Conclusion amp; Recommendations Get Full Access of This Report@ About Us We are a team of research analysts and management consultants with a common vision to assist individuals and organizations in achieving their short and long term strategic goals by extending quality research services. The inception of insightSLICE was done to support established companies, start-ups as well as non-profit organizations across various industries including Packaging, Automotive, Healthcare, Chemicals amp; Materials, Industrial Automation, Consumer Goods, Electronics amp; Semiconductor, IT amp; Telecom and Energy among others. Our in-house team of seasoned analysts hold considerable experience in the research industry. 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