Excellent example of honesty: He himself was in debt, but the money lying on the road remained to his owner !!!


Excellent example of honesty: He himself was in debt, but the money lying on the road remained to his owner !!!

Rupee is one thing that can fix the problem. Even if this money is in large numbers, then nobody is interested in anyone, no matter what money man does for money. Because of money, the relationship between brother-in-law, father-son, and many other relationships is spoiled. Anyone can kill anyone, kidnap, or even commit other crimes such as theft.

If money is found on the road, then what to ask? And there is no faith in man's determination by looking at money. Now, just a few days ago, a case was reported that it seems that humanity still does not die. There are still many honest people that their honesty does not shine after seeing money.

A few days ago, there was a similar case in Surat. Dilip Podar, a resident of Bihar, who lives in the Vesu area of ​​Surat, was given 10 lakh rupees to his employer on cash from the road. It is said that one day Dilip, who was working as a salesman in the showroom of Sari, was going home from the bridge near the parle point, on the road A wallet was found, in which the cash was Rs 10 lakhs.

Police said Dilip was found to be involved in this whole incident. Dilip police suspected the police and asked for an IC card from him. When he came to trust the police, he handed over 10 lakh rupees to the police and got the cash from the road and sought to find him the original owner.

Dilip's heart was not tempted even though he had a loan of Rs 3 lakh for children's education, and he handed it to the police and appealed to find the owner. When the police found a number of rupees, the number of a car was found in the camera check.

On the basis of the car number, the police searched the farmer's family. Due to the daughter's marriage to the family, the family's woman took the money to take the jewelery to Surat, but before jewelers arrived, her money was lost on the way before she reached the jewelers.

The family was relieved after returning their money after three days. The family rewarded Umarra police and Dilip for one lakh rupees. But police gave Dilip's salute to Dilip's honesty even for her prize money.

Thus, when the police image is bad in people, this age police police continued to do this work as a help to the public, and Dilip also had a good example of manliness and honesty.

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