It will be as fun as Goa, this place can be visited by taking car from Ahmedabad here


It will be as fun as Goa, this place can be visited by taking car from Ahmedabad here

We plan to go to Goa every year and after that somebody has to cancel the plan for some reason. There are many reasons, such as a budget, it is not a time that there will be a lot of crowd at present or else, instead of going to Goa, this coastline of Gujarat's adjoining region of Gujarat will really make you feel like Goa. And after reaching here you will find that boss, this coastline really is once spectacular.

The tranquil and beautiful seaside attracts tourists very much. Diu is known for its Portuguese culture and history. You can also find rented bicycles or scooters to roam around here. The fun of running here quietly and here is very different.

There are many places here that you might like to see, such as the Diva Fort, Light House, Saint Paul Church, Nagoya Beach, Naida Caves, Sea Shell Museum, Jhapa Gateway, Gangeswar Mahadev etc.

Deepa Fort and Lighthouse -

Diu Fort was built between 1535 and 1541 by the Portuguese. This is surrounded by the sea from the three sides. There is also a big light house in this fort. This fort is a spectacular example of the construction of the time. The Light House is the highest point of the lamp. From here you will see a beautiful sight of Arabsagar.

Naida Caves -

The Naida Caves near Dee Fort also come in top of excursions. The sunlight in these caves creates a spectacular scene, which becomes a memorable experience for the beholder to see. This space is gradually becoming popular in the photographer. Here the young couple also come to shoot their pre-shooting for their wedding. These caves have interconnected tunnels, which evoke a craze for people. Naida Caves is a thrilling experience.

Sunset Point -

Sunrise attracts tourists from the hill near Deccan Chakratirath hill. The hillside and the surrounding area produce scenic scenes to see, which gives coolness to the eyes. The beach, which is adjacent to the adjacent lamp, is very beautiful.

Nagoya Beach -

Nagoya Beach is located in the village of Butchwada of Diu. This is a scenic seashore. Which is popular among tourists from around the world as an ideal destination for sightseeing. There are also resorts here, due to which travelers prefer to rest here and enjoy nature's beauty. White sand and calm brown water make the experience of enjoyable beauty. Water sports activities are also available here. These beaches are 2 kilometers long. Enjoying sunrise and sunset here, one's mind becomes calm.

Googala Beach -

One of the attractive places of the Diwali is the Ghogala Beach, which is located in the outskirts of the city, due to which there are no more tourists here. This is the reason why tourists who prefer to stay away from the crowd come here to get peace and loneliness. This is the Karan that the beach is very clean because there is no more crowd. Water sports such as parasailing, surfing and banana ride can also be enjoyed here.

St. Paul Church -

St. Paul's Church is just a little away from the Fort of Diva. The construction of this church began in 1601 and ended in 1610. The lamp is also known for the church here. This is the best example of Baroque architecture in India. This is one of the few Portuguese churches in India. Here you will see wonderful carvings in wood.

Gautamitata Beach -

Generally the trips are going on to Nagoya Beach, but if you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset view, tourists should also visit the Gautamitata Beach, near the village of Vyankabara, in Deva. Here is a wonderful view of the wonderful sunset. There are also many sea creatures on this beach.

Ganda Getaway -

Another attraction of Diu is the Jhapa Gateway, which is an important landmark of Diu. Angels, lions, and priest-shaped carvings have been carved on them. Man-made water falls here or adds to its beauty.

Haka Tree -

The presence of Hawa Palm Tree in the coastal areas of Saurashtra is itself a wonderful experience. You will see this tree on the road along the road going on the road and when you go around the area around the lamps. A large number of these trees are attracting the tourists coming here.

Gangeswara Temple -

Not only the beach or the church but the temple is also located here. Shivaji's contemporary temple is located 3 kilometers away from the waterfall of Diu. There are 5 Shivling, here people believe that the Pandavas spent some time here during the 13 years of exile. The stone shavings here are located in the middle of the ocean. When the time of recruitment is seen only in the top of the Shivling, due to the fact that it is absorbed in seawater.

Sea Shell Museum -

Captain Devjibhai Vira Fublaria created the Sea Shell Museum Merchant Navy in the Deewaar, he is keen to gather such shells, so that he collected many types of sea oysters and put them here for exhibition. If the lamp is coming, you should definitely visit this museum. There are also conch and oysters on the main gates, which look very beautiful

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