Some tips that work in cooking, will make your work easier, know what these tips are


Some tips that work in cooking, will make your work easier, know what these tips are

Everyday women have to work in the kitchen, have to prepare meals. Then especially women who do a job, they do not have much time to pay more attention to cooking. So they are always looking for tips to prepare meals, which can help them in cooking and the food can be ready soon. So here are some of the tips that will help women get help in the kitchen.

For working women, wake up every morning and prepare vegetables and then make it very tough, have less time and all the preparations to be done, on the leave of some vegetables, such as guar, tindra, rice, and husk, wash it and put it in the airtight container Let's This chopped vegetable remains good for four to five days.
Often, groundnut is kept for a long time if it is kept empty. Cook it for five minutes before filling it in a groundnut jar to prevent it from getting cracked. Then cool down and fill in the jar. Will not be too soon

Lemon juice should be applied to prevent bitter orange juice or one tablespoon of yogurt. Bhenda's vegetables will not be greasy. Even if your lady's vegetable gets more salty than the mistake, then put yogurt in it. The vegetables will not be salty but tasty.
If you want to make the curry of leftovers, cut the pan and put it in the air for 2 hours and then first put it on the pan, and then make the same way as the vegetables are cooked.
If you want to make any sauce for a long time, then add one teaspoon of oil to it, then the sauce will not last longer.
To make the bread and lime soft and tasty, add 1 teaspoon warm milk inside the flour. The bread will become soft.

After making the bread or raisin, if the built-up flour is increased, put oil in the airtight container and put it in the freeze. The flour can be reused.
To make Thapla more tasty, give the dish a spoon inside it, the thalapa's taste will be good. Beside the flours of buttermilk with yogurt or buttermilk. The flavors of the thieves will increase.
Soak the flour of the flour, then pour some oil in it for the mud and it will soon be fermented by roasting it and the dhumkana will become more soft.
To make Bhaturake very crypto, add 1 tablespoon roti inside its flour. The market will become the same crypto.
To make Idli and Dosa more soft, if you put a fist pouch inside her palm, it becomes absolutely crypto and soft.

To make cutlace and tikki more crispy, it should be placed in the freezer for a few minutes before halving.
Make a good mash before lemon is cut to taste good interest from lemon. After doing this, all of them will be interested.
If you have made a fruit salad and have grown it, then put it in ice cream mold and put it in the freezer. When it gets frozen then eat it like Calfi.
Due to lack of time or busy in other activities, dal-pots are torn apart. For this to happen, put a teaspoon inside it.
To maintain the nutritious vegetables, the vegetables should be covered, covered, and should be kept covered after it is formed.
To make crypi like the French fries market, after cutting the potatoes should be put in the freezer for two hours and then should be fried, fries will become crypto.
When making cold coffee, it starts to appear as ice-cold water. To make this happen, coffee should be made in ice tray by making coffee, and then when you want to make cold coffee, it will not let the coffee be melted in the tray, so the taste of the coffee does not change.
To make the fritters soft, add one teaspoon of hot oil to its khaira;
Use gram flour for making methi gota. This will make the whole lotus growling too.

Take fresh milk and a spoon of cream and cocoa powder to make foamy coffee, then the coffee will be like the outside.
To get a good color of gravy for any gravy-sauce, crush them with mashed potatoes. The color of the vegetables will be good.
If gravy grows for any vegetables, it should be removed in the ice tray and placed in the fridge. This can be used whenever a gravy is needed to make another vegetable.

If there is a need to pour water to increase any gravy, then heat the water and gravy remains the same.
Chili should be chopped off immediately after the cheese is removed from the refrigerator, due to which there is problem of scattering after that.
This can be used again by filling in the airtight container and frying it in a frying pan and making the stuffed vegetables in the fridge for the filled vegetables. And at that time the time for making masala is left

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